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Shaping Horizons is a social enterprise and community

Our vision is to upskill and empower every young person to become a changemaker

Our mission is to build a youth-led collective social innovation ecosystem with training and mentoring opportunities for mobilising the power of youth beyond 150 countries by 2030.

Our Values

Reliability and attention to detail in work done.

Mindfulness and empathy with teammates and collaborators. 

Integrity and honesty to ourselves and others, even about situations or behaviours that may make us uncomfortable.

Proactivity, enthusiasm, engagement, and curiosity to explore and propose new ideas.

Eagerness to give and receive constructive feedback and help.

Integrity and honesty to ourselves and others, even about situations or behaviours that may make us uncomfortable.

Passion for the common good and collaboration.


Our Team

Shaping Horizons is a youth-led social enterprise and a diverse community of innovators from around the world. What unites us is a passion for learning, collaboration and collective impact. We are updating our database to show the over 250+ that made all possible. But for now, check our unique leadership




Featured as a case study in a

United Nations Volunteering Blueprint.


Selected top 25 global solutions

 UNLEASH+ lab to accelerate sustainability.


2nd best social idea

Cambridge University Entrepreneurs.


EU Commission top 10

“Skills for Tomorrow” solutions

Sin título.png

Among top ideas transferring research into enterprises, University of Cambridge.

Selected for Allia Impact

Accelerator 2020-2021.


We have worked with world-renowned youth networks, private, multilateral, governmental and academic organisations.


Adriana Machado

Founder at Briyah Institute

"I hope that this is creating awareness and helping the next generation carry the time because we have lots of work to do and we need everybody. Collaboration is important. So congratulations for the initiative."​

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