Collective Impact

We embrace collective social innovation and impact by working together beyond country borders. We upskill, promote cultural exchange, and create social enterprises that have their own impact too. We also create research knowledge, blogs and audiovisual materials to scale our impact.

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Our Blog

The Shaping Horizons blog is a collaborative project that brings together insights from our staff along with youth participants from our global summits. The blog covers a wide range of topics such as cutting-edge research in social innovation tools, new developments in the corporate and nonprofit sector, and current and future projects from the Shaping Horizons team.


Our audiovisual resources provide a series of interviews with changer-makers, ‘Inspiring Visions‘ for young social innovators and corporate partners interested in making a global impact through collective innovtion.

Our Newsletters

Check out how we are impacting society and promoting grass-root-level change.

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