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How much do you know about team building?

When you take part in a project, enrol in a study program, create your dream social venture, or simply face everyday life situations... you are likely to be part of a team. Have you ever thought about how to become the best team player you could be?

This is not always easy, and we must be able to recognise the virtues of each person and engage with them to achieve the best possible results and ensure a good experience for each team member. There are some points that will help you achieve this more easily, and today we will share them with you.

Working in a team needs skills like effective communication, co-operation and organisation. Mastering them will not only make you a better professional but will also help you grow as a person. Learning from others and taking lessons from them is very useful for life itself.

Surely you not only want to get a good result in your activities but also enjoy the experience. Being an effective group member is subjective, but there are some questions that will help you identify in general terms how things are going.

Making sure that we are doing our best is highly valued by others, as it is likely to encourage others to do the same. One of the fundamental qualities of a leader is to help others to build the best version of themselves, this guide can help you with that.

After having seen several of the advantages of developing Team Building initiatives, you are probably wondering how to make it happen. There are different activities, and you probably want to try the ones you and your team feel most comfortable with, but here are at least 50 examples of Team Building activities that might help you discover the ones you like the most. Paper Chains, for instance, is a simple game that can be played by small and large groups. The game highlights the importance of communication and asks employees to work together to solve a problem. Or you can find totally different activities like Memory Wall, a great way of injecting some good vibes and positivity into your office space. The game encourages players to remember happy memories and show appreciation for their colleagues.

Personally, I believe that forging a good relationship with your teammates will not only help you increase your chances of getting a good result but will also help you generate an invaluable network of contacts that will remain over time, reaching them is a great opportunity to keep on learning valuable things from others and supporting them at the same time.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Shaping Horizons is a youth community for impact. We can support early-stage individuals or teams eager to contribute to their project objectives. Our training for changemakers includes methodologies with activities on how to build a team. With these lessons, you will reach the elementary fundamentals that will help you to achieve a successful career and enjoyable life. We can help you start your social venture, find your dream sustainability job or connect with talented and ardent people like you.

If you are passionate about building ideas or have an early-stage solution, we can help you. Follow us and stay tuned as we uncover more about this and other topics.

Alfredo is a Human Resources professional working as an HR Analyst at Accenture. He has experience as a volunteer in various organisations and is passionate about entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation.

Disclaimer: All content published on the Shaping Horizons blog does not in any way represent the view of Shaping Horizons or partners. Publication by Shaping Horizons does not constitute an endorsement of the author's view.

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