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A community to build a career with impact. Do you want to join?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Some people are leaders, while others take action by following people in their quests. No matter your category, if you see a challenge that makes you uncomfortable, you should join Shaping Horizons' community. We will help you transform that conviction into action through training and by connecting you with like-minded people.

After receiving a research grant from UKRI at the University of Cambridge, we identified young people's challenges in setting up social enterprises. We found that experiential learning resources were critical for helping them start impact projects. That is why we created digital tools to upskill and train young people like you.

If you are an individual, we will match you with other people to start your impact journey. You will learn through hands-on problem analysis, creating ideas and prototypes. You will develop digital skills and end up with an impact organisation like a company or an NGO. If you have an early-stage team, we will adapt the journey to your team's needs to accelerate your organisation like our awesome alumni. For example, Lufindo gamified financial literacy for adolescents, and Bridges for Science promotes evidence-based collaboration among science, technology and policymakers in Latin America. We are proud that 20% of the social ventures created with our learning materials remain operational after a year. If your venture fails or you do not wish to continue with it, you will have acquired digital skills. It is great that 15% of our community members found their dream sustainability job.

In 2021, our thriving youth community had over 150 young volunteers and 270 changemakers from across 54 countries. They all took part in driving collective impact that resulted in over 2200 people being impacted worldwide, advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Anyone can become a changemaker using our learning platform or join us as a volunteer to support other young people and learn new skills. It is free because we believe in you, so you only pay upon success. If you feel lost, we also offer personalised advice to build a career with impact.

What are you waiting for to start having a collective impact as a changemaker or a volunteer? To stay tuned to our activities, join our discord community or follow us!

Ayobami Ashaolu is an online UN volunteer and Shaping Horizons volunteer. She renders her writing, social media and graphic design skills for impact. She is a speechwriter, proofreader and also video editor. She is a Press Secretary at the Kwara State Ministry of Communications, Nigeria. She introduced leveraging Social Media to publicise the government's activities in her Ministry. She has a Master's degree in English from the University of Ilorin and is a Graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

Disclaimer: All content published on the Shaping Horizons blog does not in any way represent the view of Shaping Horizons or partners. Publication by Shaping Horizons does not constitute an endorsement of the author's view.

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