Beyond Traditional Diplomacy

One of the key goals of the summit is to transform the mutual understanding and diplomatic relationships between Latin America and the UK. We designed an open floor debate around this topic to bring experts and provide their insights on potential new approaches to diplomacy like using arts, science, sports or many more.


Parallel sessions in Latin American British Embassies are being arranged to foment the debate between former Chevening scholars, Ambassadors and Shaping Horizons Leaders.


Two sessions are designed around the topic of migration that will be treating public policies, climate change and human rights. Given their current importance in both Latin America and the UK, we designed a topical lecture and a conversation with the leader sessions.

Internationalisation of Education

Education is key for mutual understanding and for the readiness of our future generation to the challenges imposed by our constantly evolving society. We designed a topical lecture to bring the voices of the young and experts together on the current and future challenges and opportunities of education in the context of a globalized world.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Our societies need to be ready for the 4th industrial revolution and remain sustainable. Leadership and entrepreneurship are key in this context, we will discuss their future role and importance in a keynote and a topical session. The latter is aimed to develop new strategies of sustainability leadership and entrepreneurship.