Shaping Horizons is a registered open innovation methodology developed to accelerate social innovation, to foster diplomacy, and overcome challenges aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. The methodology consists of a digital pre-incubation, an in-person ideation, and a digital accelerator stage. It combines impact-driven tools with expert and peer-driven mentorship sessions to make impactful projects and international cooperation thrive.



Shaping Horizons’ academic activities have been developed thanks to the support of donors and a grant from the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund. Our work spans from producing reports to academic articles. We will soon start showcasing our academic work, stay tuned to discover more about innovation & diplomacy!.



Partnerships are instrumental for Shaping Horizons in promoting change in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 


Shaping Horizons aspires to make a sustained and significant, positive impact on global challenges. We firmly believe that this can only be achieved through the combined efforts of many actors. Our partnerships grow year by year, supporting us in addressing the root causes of social inequalities and strengthening people as empowered agents of their own development.