Optimise hiring
with social impact

How does it work?

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Stop using AI software to analyse CVs or endless selection processes to select the best candidates. We have a better solution for you. Have you thought about training applicants to identify the best ones and upskilling them even before you hire them?

We train all your candidates on our digital campus. We identify the best for you to hire and create a report showcasing all the people you upskilled for your next ESG report. 

It is time you create a better experience for the 99% of talents you don't hire. This is a win-win solution for you and your applicants!

Your benefits

Our solution provides a great hiring experience to all your applicants and upskills the people you hire before they start working with you. Those that you do not hire may continue working in solutions that could become your next investment.





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Solutions become social enterprises

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We can also organise an innovation lab for you 

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Innovation labs are great for analysing challenges and developing solutions collectively. We have experience in both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship labs.


Simply choose a theme, length and number of participants. We take care of all the rest, including creating the learning materials and virtual community space for it.

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