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Think of our solution as upskilling with purpose, coupling training and volunteering. We provide 10 hours of self-paced or cohort-based training on leadership, agile methodologies and management. Afterwards, we provide 30 hours of hands-on mentoring to our changemakers to put their lessons into practice in skill-based digital volunteering.
You can then meet the young innovators you supported, who can become your next talent. If you like their early-stage solution, you can also choose to invest in it.
We will report on the upskilling outcome of your employee and young innovators. You can use this information for your next ESG report.

We provide four premium e-learning licenses to young innovators for free for every employee you train with us.

Quantified benefits for your ESG reporting

The benefits of working with Shaping Horizons are numerous. Our solution leverages the power of our networks so that our clients can engage with wider society to attract new talent and bring about societal change. In addition, it gives an inspiring experience to employees to improve their performance and help them find purpose, and introduces them to trained young talents working in a niche area.


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We can also organise a complete innovation lab for you. How? 


Our team can also organise an open innovation lab along a theme of choice related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We adapt our e-learning materials for young innovators and your employees to use during this cohort-based collective experience that can bring together up to 150 innovators and 50 of your employees. Both innovators and your employees work together a few hours a week between 12 weeks and up to one year. The choice of lab theme and length and the number of external innovators we attract and the employees you wish to upskill are yours.

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