Our research aims to understand the role of social innovation as a tool for international collaboration through implementing social initiatives in multiple countries simultaneously, and identify the challenges and opportunities that Shaping Horizons innovation model presents in the generation of solutions to social problems.


We trace the process that participants of our action-oriented conference and action programem follow in their journey towards generating a social enterprise or startup.

Go read our first academic paper, produced by our own CEO, Matías Acosta:

"...Transnational youth networks may become key influencers of public diplomacy activities because they serve as a means to coordinate and align the ideas and values of their members. In addition, they also help establish interpersonal relationships among their members which can also influence public diplomacy. The fact that members of transnational youth networks are selected based on their societal influence and young age is a unique aspect that may further increase the influence of these networks on public diplomacy activities over time."


​Making the most of the presence of numerous and diverse experts and young leaders in one place, Shaping Horizons also made a large number of interviews to learn more about innovation, science diplomacy, and get feedback on the Shaping Horizons methodology.





Science, innovation, and diplomacy can all be linked and are essential to overcome global challenges. Just watch our Inspiring Visions Series on our Youtube channel and stay tuned for our blog posts and an upcoming documentary.