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Using R&D from the University, we created digital courses that guide you step by step on an impact journey. We start by notions on how to build a team, target a user group and persona, and frame a problem in detail including user and expert interviews. If you are an individual you can do these steps by yourself, and we will support you in finding partners to build a solution. We then guide you to ignite ideas, benchmark them, discover open innovation tools, have a user-centred design mindset, prototype, test your solution and develop a theory of change.
We will then focus on the core aspects that you need to build your organisation, including defining your image and brand strategy, financials, pitching and storytelling, how to build useful partnerships, analysing risks, and having an overview of legal and accountancy considerations to incorporate. Throughout the journey, we will evaluate your learning outcomes, and you can also opt in to receive certificates, feedback and mentoring. If you want this premium support and you do not have money, you do not need to worry you can volunteer with us to support the community and receive everything for free. Besides learning and building solutions, we will introduce you to corporate partners to expand your network, and get to know a future potential employer or your next investor.



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We periodically create innovation labs and summits that can help you be part of a thematic cohort. Simply start learning with our courses, and we will let you know should we have one lab starting soon and invite you to participate. Do you want to learn more about it?

Are you ready to start providing meaningful leadership opportunities for your team?  Reach out to us if you have any questions.