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The Shaping Horizons Methodology to foster open innovation is registered under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported License. This include name, webpage, designs, and all material thereof.



9 - 13 September 2019  |  University of Cambridge

The first international summit and action programme on science, policy and innovation for a changing world, gathering 150 young leaders from across the UK and Latin America to engage with senior world leaders and ignite change



Shaping Horizons 2019 brings together leaders from the UK and Latin America to discuss key bilateral challenges.


150 future leaders from across the UK and Latin America engage in discussions with senior world leaders in their fields during 5 days.


Invited leaders from government, industry and academia will discuss the most pressing issues related to science, policy & innovation.


Discussions will be designed to trigger specific actions, and will be captured in written reports led by the young delegates.

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Social Challenges
Humans and nature
Our shared future

Prof. Stephen Toope

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Finding solutions to the biggest challenges faced by our societies requires that we work across the borders of nations and disciplines. It also requires that we create spaces for younger voices – the leaders of tomorrow. Shaping Horizons 2019 is built upon these essential notions. It has a real chance of igniting change by uniting top representatives and young leaders from the UK and Latin America. We are thrilled to host this initiative, which will seed the collaborations and nurture and the expertise needed to bring together and improve our societies.

H. E. Carlos Sersale

Argentine Ambassador to the UK

Shaping Horizons is a remarkable initiative built upon an ambitious, elegant and innovative concept. The programme is being carefully prepared, inspired by the tradition of excellence and leadership that characterises the University of Cambridge. The Argentine embassy and I are delighted to support Shaping Horizons to empower and bring together current leaders and the future generations of leaders of Latin America, Argentina and the UK, with the aim to discuss a joint and sustainable future.