Collective Social Innovation

Shaping Horizons organises innovation programmes to educate young people on building social enterprises and upskill young employees through corporate volunteerism. For each employee upskilled with us, we provide free training to four young people outside our partner´s organisation. We strive for excellence in entrepreneurial and transferable skills learning through a real-life collective experience with impact.

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Award-winning methodology

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Thanks to R&D done at the University of Cambridge, Shaping Horizons created a unique innovation approach and over 26 digital tools to drive collective impact.

We propose a user-centred collaborative concept that helps analyse complex challenges common to many and develop local solutions with a global perspective.

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Young innovators and corporate employees trained


volunteering hours


Success rate of social projects created and active after one year


degree of learning

Young innovators and corporate volunteers learn and drive impact collectively.

How we work

Our team of over 100 young motivated staff and volunteers organise open innovation programmes along a theme defined by prospective analysis according to our partner's priorities and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Each programme upskills 100-150 young people and 30-50 corporate employees on transferable, cross-cultural and entrepreneurial skills.


Young innovators

Shaping Horizons organises one-year social innovation programmes for young people. The participants of the programme work in international teams to identify issues facing their local communities. During the programme, we guide the teams using research-inspired innovation tools. We also match them with corporate employees trained by us to receive mentoring and accelerate their projects.


Corporate volunteers

Shaping Horizons is the only global provider of a corporate volunteering experience that develops employees’ transferable skills and international experience while quantifying how it impacts our partners' performance and young people worldwide. On top of providing purposeful upskilling, our solution also gives our corporate partners an opportunity to engage with the youth and access early-stage solutions.

"Shaping Horizons is absolutely driven by the sense of entrepreneurship, innovation, and ideas of the young people involved. It is fascinating to see the proposals that come out."

Nigel Baker

OBE MVO, former Head of the Latin America Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

"What Shaping Horizons is indeed doing is talking about relations between companies and communities and making those as productive and friendly as possible."

John Mattick

CEO, Genomics England



We shape new frontiers in international collaboration using social innovation.


We promote the participation of people with diverse backgrounds and cultures.


We build cross-disciplinary networks between young people and companies.


We start new open innovation projects aligned with the United Nations SDGs.